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Spring into gardening april 8 2018

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Topics of Interest:

Soil - Getting it right. 

Remember to get that soil sample.

Planting for Birds and Bees.

Bee Balm, Milkweed and others.

Tips and Tricks.

The great exchange of experience.

Trying new plants for food & seasoning.

Something new under the sun.

Resources for further learning.

Great Websites, books, periodicals etc.

For more information:

Co-hosted by Eve Glidden!

Over the past 6 years Eve has co-run an urban farm in Minneapolis,MN which grew food for restaurants, farmers market sales and provided fresh foods for a 30 person CSA.
Her urban farm turned many empty lots and yards from lawns in to productive beautiful gardens.
Eve has an Associates Degree in Applied Science in western Clinical Herbalism. She also studied and worked with Permaculture Research Institutes Cold Climate in 2011 where she earned a Certificate in Urban Farming.
In addition to urban agriculture, she has experience harvesting wild foods and making botanical medicine.


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