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Dave's Smokin' Cherry Wood
  • Dave's Smokin' Cherry Wood

    Hand cut and chopped black cherry wood from the forests of central Wisconsin. Harvested sustainably from fallen trees.

    • Info/Directions

      Provides a fruity and mild smoky flavor for all meats, fish and veggies.

      A handful of chips equals approximately 20 minutes of flavor-enhancing cherry wood smoke.


      1. Soak chips in water for a few minutes.

      2. Light gas or charcoal grill and and allow to reach cooking temperature.

      3. Place a handful of damp chips on hot charcoal or lava briquettes (gas grill).

      4. Place food on grill.

      5. Cover grill with lid and allow smoke to permeate food for 20 minutes or more.


      Another quality (Wild) product from

      Fisher Cat Creek Forest Products

      Osseo, WI

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