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Back (& forth) to Basics

Thank you to the Hague Memorial Library in Osseo, WI.for hosting us! Special thanks to Gina and Lois for bringing in such a great group! The weather kept us inside so our 1 hour turned into a 2 hour robust conversation. Was great to meet everyone!   




Osseo Public Library


Join Master Naturalists, Dave & Veronica Welder for a one hour presentation, followed by a guided tour of Fisher Cat Creek Forest Retreat.

Back (& Forth) to Basics


Husband and wife team Dave and Veronica left city life behind 2 years ago and have been living “off-grid” in a small rustic cabin in the woods near Osseo, Wisconsin. To some, off-grid can simply mean disconnecting from the electric power grid. However, their version of off-grid is more like that of our ancestors: wood heat, well water, outhouse. etc. With the additional help of just a few modern inventions, they survive and thrive, with less expense, hassle and stress. The simple lifestyle comes with many benefits (some hidden) as well as a few inconveniences. Dave and V think the benefits outweigh any downgrade in comfort and convenience.


Dave has worked as an Environmental Engineer for 30 years and both Veronica and Dave were certified as Wisconsin Master Naturalists in 2017. They have the training and hands-on experience to answer a wide variety of questions regarding flora, fauna and the environment.


If you’ve ever dreamed of moving toward to a simpler, healthier and much cheaper lifestyle, please join Dave and Veronica for insights, tips and tricks about transitioning back (& forth) to basics. Whether just starting out or starting over (or anywhere in between), their tried-and-true information just might help you save some time and effort.


Topics include:


  • Energy sources

  • Water

  • Sanitation

  • Computer/Internet Access 

  • Pesky Pests

  • Costs & Benefits

  • Anything else you’d like to discuss

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