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Meet Miss Fisher

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Inspired by his first sighting of the elusive Fisher (aka Fisher Cat). Dave Welder has created an oversized chainsaw carving from a large red oak log using two chainsaws and a rotary grinder. During the early months of 2021, Dave spent 20+ hours to create “Miss Fisher” (a nod to one of our favorite murder mystery TV programs).


Dave originally encountered the Fisher while walking along our creek (subsequently and appropriately dubbed “Fisher Cat Creek”). The dark brown, furry creature stared down at Dave as it perched between branches only 20 feet up the tree! Dave says the critter first looked like a Marsupial from Australia. Fishers are members the weasel family and have a teddy bear face. No relation to the cat family but they kind of resemble a large black cat. 

It didn’t flee or growl aggressively but simply stared inquisively as if to say, “You’re bigger than me, but come closer and I’ll kick your ass.” 

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