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Creative Corner

We welcome your questions, comments, and posts about
the DIY projects you've undertaken.

Cast Iron Sculpture

We take old radiators , break them into quarter size pieces and melt them in a furnace until we have molten iron. The iron is then poured into molds made of hardened sand creating new sculpture every cast. The "Young Buck" cast iron cooking grate is just one example of Veronica’s work. Personalized cast iron cooking grates are available. Have a design idea? Contact Veronica today.

Hand Wind Vane

For centuries craftsmen and merchants have used a carved pointing hand to direct customers to their shops.
Later Monty Python used the pointing hand in their cartoon sketches. It means the same thing as an arrow pointing “this way”.
Inspired by the past, Dave used a chainsaw to carve a
1’x2’x3’ pointing hand out of red oak. A used industrial swivel caster wheel mount serves as the pivot point.
He attached a birch bark sleeve to catch the wind and cause the hand to point into the wind.



Necessity IS the mother of invention. The necessity that birthed this invention was the need (desire) to cut 3" slabs of a red oak stump. Now, a good lumberjack can cut slabs by dead reckoning or by using a saw mill. However, the first is never very accurate (resulting in hours of belt sanding) and the second was well beyond my means. Thus, the Teeter Sawer was  born... 

Welcome sign

Few words in the English language are friendlier than the word “welcome“. It sort of echoes the giving nature of man, as well as that of nature. Nature is welcome to all who respect it...
and so are we!

Pump House

Needing permanent structure for our generator and shallow well electric pump, we used the 100 year old Fir beams our friend Sean Doyle donated for the main structure. The siding was created with free 2x6’s collected from a business in St. Paul,MN. Tin roofing from J&J Metals in WI.  Windows and other materials from our “obtanium” pile. AKA the “boneyard”.   
  Solar gain through the windows and the well ventilated generator keep the pump house warm even on the coldest days. The sliding window adorning the front of the pump house designed by David Welder. Spending only $50,  we spent more on screws than anything else. ​

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