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"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot"

Aldo Leopold

W15775 Kay Road, Osseo, Wisconsin 54758

Fisher Cat Creek is a forest retreat and nature workshop center located in the wooded driftless region of west central Wisconsin. Established by husband/wife team David Welder and Veronica Glidden, this 20 acre nature preserve is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some rare in the midwest.


Using mostly recycled lumber and on-site timber, David and Veronica have carved out a small off grid  homestead (cabin, sauna, outhouse and sheds) with the goal of living as inexpensively as possible while enjoying the health benefits of nature every day. Wishing to share their corner of the world, they have established Fisher Cat Creek Forest Retreat to help unite people who enjoy all things natural and prefer a simpler way of life.


Their experience living in the wild and their recent certification as Wisconsin Master Naturalists makes David and Veronica the perfect hosts for a weekend getaway or resources for anyone interested in nature and natural living. 



Meet David & Veronica

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